How to enjoy champagne like a pro

How to enjoy champagne like a pro

For those that don’t know what a champagne is, refer to this blog for a short summary: 

Now that that’s out of the way we can move on to how you can appreciate this bubbly bottle of goodness!

This will be the most in-depth step by step guide you will find on the internet, so do read on!

How to store champagne

Many of you plan your celebrations ahead and have likely bought your bottle of champagne in advance. A common mistake done by many would be to leave it in the fridge for weeks before popping it. Storing it for 3-4 days in the fridge before popping it is alright but any longer than that and the cork can dry out as there is no humidity in refrigerators; once a cork dries out, the seal between the bottle and the cork will loosen up leading to the champagne oxidizing faster which changes its aromas and taste.

If you are not planning to pop your champagne that soon, keep it in a cool place away from any light where the temperature is consistent- like a kitchen cabinet! Before serving, you can leave the bottle in an ice bucket for roughly 20 minutes for the best serving condition.

What kind of glass you should use

You’ve seen many movies where fancy flute glasses are used as this type of glass helps to showcase the champagne’s stream of bubbles.

But if you wish to better enjoy the aroma and savor the complexity of the champagne, a white wine glass will be better suited for the job! The larger bowl of a white wine glass enables the wine to open up better in the glass allowing you to savor the complexity and aroma of the champagne in full!

If you are looking for a wine glass that allows you to better taste the flavors of your champagne, do check out our wine glass set!

Opening the bottle

If your champagne comes with a cage, be sure to keep it on as it helps you control the cork and prevents it from flying out. You are not a F1 podium winner so do refrain from shaking the bottle and then popping it because it WILL spray everywhere.

How to pour champagne

When pouring champagne, fill up the glass to ⅓ of the total capacity and hold it by the stem and not the bowl as you may warm the champagne up too quickly.

Champagne pairings

Contrary to popular beliefs, champagnes are not just great for starting or ending a meal! The fact that champagne pairs well with all kinds of food means that we can enjoy it during a meal!

Our recommendations

Here at 3MK, we aim to allow our customers to try different liquors at affordable prices and here are some of our recommendations for champagnes!

For those looking for a premium champagne:

dom perignon vintage 2010 3mk

Nothing screams elegance and prestige more than the Dom Perignon. Get your hands on the Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 and taste the difference for yourself! Champagnes are often considered as a luxury in the world of sparkling wines but the Dom Perignon is considered premium even in its luxurious category!

Our retail price: S$264

For those looking for a sweet champagne:

veuve clicquot rose 3mk

This bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé starts strong with a burst of freshness, this champagne follows up with an equally strong fruity harmonious sensation on the palate. This Rosé is perfectly balanced in the best Veuve Clicquot style of pink champagnes, combining elegance and flair.

Our retail price: S$99

For those looking for a classic, everyday champagne:

moet chandon imperial brut nv 3mk

A strong favorite and well known as a go to champagne, the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut N.V. is a champagne that is both delicious and affordable. This is an incredible bottle of champagne that doesn't have to be saved for a special event! Pop this bottle of champagne when having a nice meal and watch it elevate the entire experience!

Our retail price: S$69


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