About Us

About US

Three Musketeers Liquor Delivery was established in October 2021. We do carry a range of alcoholic beverages, but our main focus is to bring more attention to the whisky culture in Singapore and achieve lifestyle drinking.

Not to be mistaken with binge drinking or being an alcoholic, lifestyle drinking is enjoying and trying each whisky bottle and allowing different whisky to be accessible to everyone.

We are keen on focusing on the whiskey's quality and shine a light on brands that are incredible yet lesser known that deserves more recognition.


**Only deliver to those who are 18 & above and we reserve the right to ask for proof of identity should you look under 18. 


Bring whisky closer to you with quality service and quality products.
Encouraging lifestyle drinking.


Grown into the top player in the market and nurturing next-generation talents while contributing back to the society 

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Email: 3MKLiquor@gmail.com


For bulk purchase (Events, Bar etc...)



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