Moutai Kweichow 2022 China Baijiu 3mk

新加坡贵州飞天茅台 2022 Moutai Kweichow flying fairy 2022

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Kweichow Moutai (Maotai) Flying Fairy, a distilled Chinese liquor (baijiu) has the honourable title as China’s National Liquor, renowned for its distinct flavour. It is produced in Maotai Town, by state-owned Kweichow Moutai Company located within Guizhou (Kweichow) Province. The distilled Chinese liquor is made up of natural fermentation between plump, uniform and thin-skinned red sorghum with “qu”, a starter containing yeast in an earthenware jar for at least four years. Moutai resulted in mellow yet long-lasting fragrance and lingering after-taste credited to the unique intensive processes composing numerous distillation, filtration, fermentation, maturation and blending. Suitable as a gift or for weddings and festivities gathering. 
VOL 500ml
ABV 53%


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