Top 10 Whisky Brands in Singapore (2023)

Top Whisky Brands in Singapore

A list of the best selling whisky brands in Singapore

What are Singapore's top 10 favorite whisky brands?

The Singaporean palate for whiskies although improving, are still lacking compared to our western counterparts. Although beers have been the main form of alcohol consumed in Singapore, whisky has been slowly trending upwards with more Singaporeans converting into whisky drinkers. With that said, we thought it'd be apt to create a list of the top 10 favorite whisky brands loved by Singaporeans!

This is a genuine list based on our own understanding of the Singapore market and there will be no bias towards nor against any brands in particular.


If you are rushing for time, here are the top 10 whisky brands in Singapore in no particular order:

  • Chivas Regal
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Glenfiddich
  • Macallan
  • Auchentoshan
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Yamazaki
  • Balvenie
  • Monkey Shoulder
  • Dalmore

If you're not in a rush, keep scrolling to read more on these whisky brands, how they rank in the top 10 and which bottles they release that are beloved by Singaporeans!

Disclaimer: this list is ranked in accordance to how popular and well known the various brands are amongst the majority of Singaporeans and is not tantamount to which brand is better; it's a more accurate depiction of which brand is better marketed and more accessible.

An easy to sip on blended malt whisky with the added bonus of being affordable makes the Monkey Shoulder a very attractive whisky to carry. That coupled with its striking orange colors and unique monkey decorum makes this one a brand to remember!

Top pick from Monkey Shoulder: Well, duh it's the Monkey Shoulder Whisky!

The signature vibrant turquoise colors of The Singleton can be spotted in almost every bar selling whisky in Singapore. Singleton spent a substantial amount of resources investing in its presence and have established a foothold in the Singaporean market over the recent years. 

The easily recognizable bottles and accessibility makes it a go-to pick for customers looking to pick up a single malt.

Top picks from Singleton: 12, 15 & 18 Years from their core range are all popular picks

Auchentoshan is a single malt whisky from the Scotland Lowlands region. The distillery was bought over by Beam Suntory in 1994. 

In recent years, Auchentoshan whiskies have been showing up in more Singapore bars due to its affordable prices and exceptional smoothness. Walking down in any bar street in Singapore, you will definitely find some form of Auchentoshan poster, sticker or advertisement plastered across several bars!  The plethora of advertising coupled with incredibly affordable whisky allows this Lowland single malt a spot in this list! 

Top picks from Auchentoshan: 12 Years, Auchentoshan Three Wood, Auchentoshan American Oak

The Jim Beam is one of Beam Suntory's tremendously popular offering with its incredibly value price point making this a go-to bourbon for cocktails and for those on a budget. An incredibly affordable bourbon by Beam Suntory, the Jim Beam Bourbon is one of the world's top selling whiskies. 

In Singapore, although the Jim Beam is popular and found in many establishments, it still falls short to the others down the list in popularity.

Top pick from Jim Beam: Jim Beam, Jim Beam Honey

6. Beam Suntory's Japanese Whiskies (Yamazaki, Hibiki)

Every whisky popularity list will definitely have a spot for Beam Suntory's Japanese whiskies, more specifically in Singapore's context, the Yamazaki and Hibiki are extremely popular brands in Singapore despite their higher price points compared to the Scotch counterparts.

These are two of the most recognizable whisky brands internationally when speaking of Japanese whiskies, Singapore is no exception which is why they deserve a spot on this list!

Top picks from Suntory: Yamazaki distiller's reserve, Yamazaki 12, Yamazaki 18, Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Hibiki 12

The Macallan positions itself as a luxurious spirit brand; their whiskies are priced at a premium and can be quite difficult to find— these aspects actually helped the brand elevate their image in the eyes of the consumers, treating Macallan's whiskies as the top luxury brand in the whisky world.

Today, Macallan continues its brand building, shaping itself as a prestigious brand producing luxury scotch; steadily improving its awareness amongst the public's eyes.

Top pick from The Macallan: Any of the 12, 15 & 18 Years core release of the Sherry Oak, Double Cask & Triple Cask Matured are popular, with the Sherry Oak being the most coveted

Jack Daniel's is without a doubt one of the most iconic American Whiskey in the world. It's branding of the Old No.7 is easily recognisable and even collected and used as decoration by some!

The definite top-of-mind brand when mentioning whiskies from America, the Jack Daniel's is as iconic to the world of whiskies as Coke is to the world of beverages.

Top Picks from Jack Daniel's: The Old No. 7, Gentleman's Jack

Probably the single malt that most people know in Singapore, offering affordable and easy to drink whiskies give Glenfiddich a reasonable edge over its competition. Glenfiddich's offerings can also be found in most bars, credited by the brand's widespread distribution channels in the Singapore market.

The combination of Glenfiddich's consistency in maintaining strict quality standards coupled with the significant investments made in marketing and advertising over the years has made the brand deserve a solid top 3 spot in this list.

Top picks from Glenfiddich: Glenfiddich 12, Glenfiddich 15, Glenfiddich 18

An absolute staple whisky in Singapore with one of the highest volume consumed in the spirits category. You will be hard pressed to walk into any random bar in Singapore and find that they don't sell Chivas Regal whiskies.

Alongside its core range are interesting releases like the Chivas 15 Balmain Limited Edition and the more recent collaboration with BlackPink's Lisa on the Chivas 18 x Lisa Limited Edition release. These headline releases continue casting the spotlight on the Chivas brand, further solidifying its stand as one of the top scotch whisky brands.

Top picks from Chivas Regal: Chivas 12, Chivas 18

The undisputable top of the list is the Johnnie Walker brand by Diageo. A name that has one of the top sales volume internationally unsurprisingly tops the list of most popular whisky brand in Singapore.

Like Chivas, walk into any random bar in Singapore and you'll most likely see Johnnie Walker's whisky in their menu and on the tables of the customers. Incredibly easy to drink and priced affordably with a robust distribution channel makes Johnnie Walker the most well known whisky brand in Singapore!

Top picks from Johnnie Walker: Black Label, Double Black, Blue Label, Gold Label


As you probably can tell, the list is made mostly out of whiskies that are affordable to the mainstream audience, with more people being able to afford them, the more the brand will be known so that goes without surprise. 

Does the lower price point make these whiskies bad? Definitely not, although there are some questionable ones, we think that most of these whisky have earned merit with their taste and aren't popular just because of their low price point or good marketing!

Some honorable mentions that came very close to making the list are: Balvenie, Bowmore, Dalmore, Glenlivet & Glenmorangie! These are whiskies that can be found in a wide range of bars but still a little less common/ known than the other brands in the top 10.

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