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The eccentric Whiskymaker

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The beginning.

Compass Box was founded in 2000 by American entrepreneur John Glaser, who formerly worked at Johnnie Walker as a marketing director.

The company was started with the vision of  a forward-looking approach and unrelenting desire to create deliciousness backed by the old long-lost model of the Scotch whisky blending house. Compass box seeks to deliver whisky in refreshing new ways to both newcomers and discerning devotees of the whisky world.

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The signature: Hedonism

Hedonism is Compass Box's signature whisky that launched the company in 2000. Always alluring, surprising and delicious.


The Inspiration behind Hedonism is just that- pleasure, enjoyment, a celebration of that ideal marriage between distilled spirit and high quality oak maturation.

Price: S$143.00

malt whisky collection

The core collection of malt whisky that is bottled year-round.

Orchard House

Orchard House gathers together some of the fruitiest malts Scotland has to offer to create their very own monument to fresh fruitiniess in Scotch whisky.

Price: S$98.00

The Story of the Spaniard

This whisky is Compass Box's tribute to Sherry's broad spectrum of styles.  You will find a whisky that is full, soft and sumptuous on the palate with flavors of citrus peel and pears poached in red wine and spices.

Price: S$138.00

The Spice Tree

THE SPICE TREE is a rich, intense malt whisky redolent of baking spices and layered with toasty oak accents that complement the underlying distillery character.

Price: S$110.00

The Peat Monster

The Peat Monster contains malt whiskies from the legendary Isle of Islay, along with a helping of Highland malt in there too. The result is richly smoky, with underlying hints of fruit and oak.

Price: S$105.00

limited edition collection

Compass Box's limited edition whiskies represent a range of works based on rare or hard to find whiskies. This section contains the recently released limited edition whiskies from Compass Box (as of Feb 2022).


An exciting limited edition bottling, said to be the very first Calvados and Scotch whisky blend. Think apples and pears with layers of malty goodness. Affinity showcases both spirits beautifully, and we can feel our own affinity growing for the blend.

Price: S$228.00


Certain whiskies taste that little bit wilder than others, and we have brought together some of these strange and beautiful creatures to create our Menagerie. Rather than a raucous zoo, bringing these specimens together has created harmonious flavours and textures.

Price: S$248.00

The Circle

The Circle is based around a parcel of fruity and creamy single malt from the Tamdhu Distillery in Speyside. This is supported by malt whisky from the Clynelish Distillery. A touch of peated malt whisky from an Orkney distillery and a small proportion of a French oak-finished blended malt whisky complete the recipe.

Price: S$268.00

Flaming heart

In this 2018 edition, we have reintroduced a subtle sherry-cask influence that adds an additional layer of complexity and richness. A medium smoky-peaty base is enriched by a sweet maltiness and notes of baking spices and dried fruit.

Price: S$260.00

No Name, No. 3

Our series studying heavily-peated malt whisky reaches a somewhat OTT crescendo with this, the third and final No Name. 
No Name, No. 3 marks a further point on the spectrum of peat. It is older, wilder and weirder than the previous No Names.

Price: S$299.00


This assemblage  comprises single malt whiskies from four distilleries, each bringing a distinctiveness to the whole. You’ll find notes of barley sugar, pear drop and vanilla, complemented by an ethereal underlying herbal character.

Price: S$240.00

Stranger &Stranger

After a decade of collaborating with the design company Stranger & Stranger, this Limited Edition was named in their honor.  You’ll find aromas and flavors in this Stranger spirit that remind you of custard and dark sugars, fresh apple and an appealing herbal character. 

Price: S$368.00

This is not a Festival Whisky

This is Not a Festival Whisky combines whiskies of varying styles from across Scotland and is packed with flavour; bursts of apple pie with spiced sultanas and vanilla custard hasten from the glass before a soft smokiness and clinging waxiness are revealed on the palate. This whisky is only exclusively available to La Maison Du Whisky's Markets!

Price: S$228.00

the archive collection

Within this section lies whiskies that were previously part of the limited edition collection but have sold out. Some whiskies may make a reappearance, but most do not! Check out this section if you are looking for something that is not easily available in the market.

The Double Single

For DOUBLE SINGLE, instead of using many tens of component whiskies we have used just two – one single grain whisky and one single malt whisky (hence the name). Both are beautiful liquids in their own right, but we believe they are elevated above the sum of their parts when combined in the correct proportions.

Price: S$328.00

Great King ST Artist's Blend

Inspired by the golden age of whiskymaking, Artist’s Blend was the first whisky released in the Great King Street range in 2011. Made for bartenders, malt whisky enthusiasts and new explorers alike, it is a whisky that works perfectly in cocktails.

Price: S$88.00

Great King ST Glasgow Blend

The second whisky in the Great King Street range and released in 2014. Based on the fuller bodied, flavourful whiskies historically preferred by the people of Glasgow, its high malt content (approx. 65%) is inspired by 100-year-old recipes.

Price: S$88.00

compass box

scotch whiskymaker

End Note.

Dubbing themselves as Whiskymakers, Compass Box strives to make things better and to challenge the boundaries of creating whisky.

This is a brand that you absolutely cannot miss as they continue to innovate with new production processes, new combinations of flavors, new ways of sharing and enjoying great whisky.


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