The Arran Expression

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1) Intro: Short brief on the process 

2) Arran Expression: 

2.1) Entry:Simple and easy 

-Arran 10, Arran Barrel Reserve, Arran Lochranza Reserve

 2.2)Wine Cask series: Exploration of possibility  

-Arran The Sauternes Cask Finish, Arran The Cote-Rotie Cask Finish, 

Arran The Marsala Cask Finish, Arran The Amarone Cask Finish

 2.3)Dive in: Masterclass expression 

-Arran Sherry Cask, Arran Quarter Cask 56.2%, Arran 18

 2.4)Collectors: Deserve a place in your cabinet 

-Arran 20 Angel's Reserve, Arran 21, Arran 25

 2.5)Machrie Moor: Bran is the dog’s name 

-Arran Machrie Moor, Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength

 3)End Note

Arran Expression Whisky Tasting: IntroOffline tasting at office!

Offline tasting at office!


The Arran Expression  

 -The Water Expression- 

 A stream of crystal clear water at Loch na Davie, the high hills above the distillery, cascades down the hillside.  

 On its journey to be the best stream, it has to pass through 6 unassuming waterfalls- each  purifies the water further.  

 -Clean, Sweet dram, Natural & Unadulterated-

-The Making expression-

with the old way

Not the easiest nor the cheapest, but surely the best.

Concerto barley with Water from Loch na Davie fermented and then-

 Double distilled in copper pot stills & matured in carefully selected oak casks for the best quality: ranging from wines, sherry and bourbon

With nothing extra added, Arran whisky’s color all cames from the wood of the cask. 

 You could say Non chill-filter was the belief for them,  maintaining the full aroma and flavour of each Arran bottle.

-The Arran expression-

Entry: Light & SImple

Arran 10- A solid entry level Arran Whisky 

118 SGD @

4.6/5 -157 reviews on Master of Malt 

 “For Sweeter, Honey & Vanilla Whisky this is absolutely lovely and easy to drink”

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 46% 

 Nose: Citrus & vanilla, then backed by warm biscuits. Sweet & fruity, hint of fresh grass. 

 Palate: Sweet notes of vanilla & juicy orange, malty, green fruits & cox’s apple peel 

 Finish: Maltiness, peatness is hard to be found 


 International Wine& Spirit Competition(IWSC):Gold Scotch Single Malt- Island-2018 

 International Wine& Spirit Competition(IWSC):Gold Scotch Single Malt- Island-2019 

 World Whiskies Awards: Gold Island SIngle Malt 12 Years and Under-2018 

Arran Barrel Reserve- Exclusively matured in first-fill bourbon barrels  

120 SGD @

 4.03/5-154 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ The first sip is enough for changing my mind and confirm the good work of the distillery. Of course, it's clearly a young malt, yet very well balanced and rich of apple, lemon and banana flavour.” 

 -Hafssol, a whisky lover 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 43% 

 Nose: Delicate apples and pears 

Palate: Beautifully balanced citrus fruit & light vanilla sweetness with a burst of apple and delicate marine notes 

 Finish: Sweetness, Spice, Charred Oak, Citrus, Vanilla 

Arran Lochranza Reserve- Where Arran came about  

128 SGD @

 4/5 -221 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ A light and smooth whisky. easy on the palate, perhaps too easy!” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 43% 

 Nose: Fresh green apples, lemon peels and a hint of milk chocolate. Vanilla and lemon. Sea breeze. 

 Palate: Fresh island notes, a touch of salt and sweetness 

 Finish: Citrus, vanilla, salty 

-The Arran expression-

Wine cask: 

exploration of possibility

Arran The Sauternes Cask Finish - Bordeaux sweet wine cask    

178 SGD @

 4.2/5-168 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ An Absolute beauty.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 50% 

Nose: Honey sweetness and citrus 

Palate: Richly honeyed and backed with a lifting zestiness which slides into spice and zingly salt. Once the dram opens out, vanilla and sultana stand out followed by notes of toasted oak. 

Arran The Cote-Rotie Cask Finish - Cote-Rotie wine cask fantasy     

188 SGD @

 4.3/5-211 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ Not much complexity, but nice chewy boiled red fruits, some fading sultanas and faint apples.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 50% 

 Nose: Delicate red fruits with sweet spice and a hint of oak 

 Palate: Rich, Sweet and alced with spicy dark fruits that add layers of complexity 

188 SGD @

 4.2/5 -195 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ A touch of water in this to bring the best out of it” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 50% 

 Nose: Sweet adn fruity with a hint of spice 

 Palate: Candied orange peel Finish:  Sweetness, Bitter orange, Apple, Toasted Oak 

Arran The Amarone Cask Finish - Seeking balance  

188 SGD @ 

 4.2/5 -235 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ Superb-one of the best at the price point…. Wish it weren’t discontinued!.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 50% 

 Nose: Cherry, turkish delight, chocolate 

 Palate: Poached pears, touch of cranberry and honey 

 Finish: Sweetness, Pears, Turkish Delight, Cherries, Dark chocolate 

-The ARRAN expression-



Arran Sherry Cask- We all love sherry cask right?   

168 SGD @

 4.3/5 -693 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ Beautiful stuff.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 55.8% 

 Nose: Toffee, sweet spice and fruit 

 Palate: Loads of juicy sherry influence,  ripe fig and cherries Finish: Dark chocolate, Mandarins, Ripe figs 

 Arran Quarter Cask 56.2% - Cask strength 

158.8 SGD @

 4.2/5 -289 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ A fantastic cask strength whisky.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 56.2% 

 Nose: Honeyed malt balanced by oaky spice and a whiff of bright citrus 

 Palate: Black pepper, coconut and almond, followed by apricot and pineapple.

 Finish: Cherry and cinnamon  

308 SGD @

 4.4/5 -519 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ I love the harmonious relationship between sweet and spice on a back ground of balanced cereal notes.” 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV:46% 

 Nose: Orchard Fruits with strup and toasted oak 

 Palate: Caramelised orange, dark chocolate, baked peaches 

 Finish: Sweetness, spice, citrus, baked peaches. The classic Arran citrus and orchard fruits mingle with milk brioche and dark chocolate. 


 International Wine & Spirit Competition Gold Scotch Single Malt-Island-2019 

 Scottish Whiksy Awards Silver Single Malt 17-20 Year Old -2019 

 International Wine & Spirit Competition Gold Scotch Single Malt-Island-2018 

 World Whiskies Awards Gold Islands Single Malt 13-20 Years-2018 

 International Spirits Challenge Silver Distillers’ Single Malts between 13 and 20 years old-2018 

-The Arran expression-



Arran 20 Angel’s Reserve - Celebrating 22nd anniversary of Arran Distillery  

428 SGD @

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 52.2% 

 The 1997 Vintage bottle have been aged at the distillery for 20 years in ex-Oloroso Sherry hogsheads before bottling.  Bursting citrus aromas and sweetness of butterscotch.  Well rounded caramel-spiced fruits and nutty sweetness giving it a lingering oaky and bitter chocolate finish. 

318 SGD @

 4.4/5 -222 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ Dangerously tasty, and sweet for a 21yo. Set at the same time, and fresh, the oak tends to behave for the age, and herbal.” 

 -Bam, a whisky lover like you and me 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 46% 

 Nose: Sweet spices and hazelnut, fresh fruit sweetness. 

 Palate: Ginger and dark chocolate Finish: Sweetness, spice, bitter orange, citrus, dark chocolate, satisfying 

Arran 25 - 21 can’t satisfy you anymore?  

870 SGD @

 4.4/5 -120 reviews on Whiskybase 

 “ This first 25 year old release ever from Arran (est. 1995) is a beautiful full ,aromatic ,warm dram. Just wonderfull. ”

 -Didi79, a fellow whisky explorer 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 46% 

 Nose: Rich oak with a gentle nutmeg note. Sweeter aromas of baked ripe figs, sultanas and black cherries.   

 Palate: Fruit cake with toasted almonds and cinnamon. The juicy zestiness of oranges and mandarins mellows perfectly with manuka honey, muscovado sugar, baked apricots and an interesting white pepper note that provides even more complexity. 

 Finish: Creamy and spicy with dark chocolate, walnuts and dark fruits compote. 

-The ARRAN expression-

Machrie Morre Series: 

Bran is the dog's name

 152 SGD @

 “ Really delicious if you are into your peated whiskies. ”

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: 46% 

 Nose: Light smoke and citrus 

 Palate: Dried grass, peat smoke and hints of vanilla and tropical fruit 

 Finish: Citrus, smoke, peat, pineapple 

Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength - The more alcoholic Bran 

180 SGD @ 

 4.2/5 -130 reviews on Whiskybase

 “ The style is very clean and straight-forward ex-bourbon and by default of production (well) under 10 yo. This one brings more to the table than just being "a peated sort of Speysider"   

 -Whisky Hamster, a hamster that drinks 

 VOL: 70cl | ABV: Varies 

 Nose: Citrus notes with a background of peat and a puff of smoke immediately apparent 

 Palate: A robust dram with the typical orchard fruits of Arran coming to the fore over a layer of toasted brioche and red berries 

 Finish: Citrus, Smoke, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut 

-The ARRAN expression-


Coming to an end 

It is a great pleasure sharing the full range of Arran products with y’all. 

 We aren't just a liquor e-commerce , our goal is to shine light on brands that surely deserve more attention. 

 Reviews, ratings and tasting notes are only for reference,  

as taste & preferences are subjective,  

 we can’t say that you are a bad whisky drinker if you don’t like this whisky. 

 Even if the whisky rating is 5/5 and you don’t like it,  

 You don’t have to please the majority and say it is excellent. 

 You taste the whisky & feel it. Not the others. 





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