Rare whisky showcase- The Glen Grant 60-year-old

Glen Grant 60

The oldest bottling from Glen Grant
Only 10 available in Singapore!
The Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition by Glen Grant

How to procure?

For those that love collecting rare and old whiskies, this is one that you absolutely cannot miss! Rare whiskies rarely make it to the shores of Singapore and stay for long. Allocations are few and far between and the ones that do make it like the four bottles of Yamazaki 55 get swept up by avid collectors within minutes.

Fortunately for collectors in Singapore, there is one more beautifully aged whisky waiting to be collected and this time, there's more! There are 10 bottles of this beauty allocated to Singapore and they may still be up for grab! 

Before we continue to explain more about the whisky, excited buyers may already be itching to secure one bottle for themselves so we will start with how you can procure a bottle for yourself!

For those looking to buy one in Singapore, simply contact Andrew Law via email at andrew.law@remy-cointreau.com to inquire about its availability! This bottle has a recommended retail price of S$39,888, but you can confirm more details by contacting the representative!

What you get

Take a moment to admire the craftmanship behind the crystal decanter and the beautiful deep chestnut hue of the whisky that is probably older than most readers.

The marvelously aged spirit was drawn from a single ex-Oloroso sherry cask that was filled in 1960 which is then poured into hand-blown, pot still-shaped crystal decanters that each took 15 hours to craft.

The decanter is stored in a sustainably sourced walnut case together with a certificate of authenticity signed by Dennis Malcolm himself.

Tasting Notes

When maturing a whisky for such a long period, many things can go wrong. However, this cask managed to retain the signature fruitiness of oranges, peaches, raisins and a hint of tobacco.

On the palate, fruits continue to be present with dark chocolate and toffee in the mix adding a fruit cake-like depth and sweetness. 

As for the finish, in signature Glen Grant fashion, the finish is long and sumptuous!

End note

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