Product Showcase: Compass Box Hedonism

Product Showcase: Compass Box Hedonism

Compass Box's whisky that is all about pleasure and enjoyment

Cult following distillery

Compass Box distillery was founded only recently in 2000 by John Glaser and since then, its reputation as a premium whisky blender has grown exponentially, gaining its army of cult following amongst whisky lovers.

The company is not afraid of using premium single malts in its blends to achieve the taste they intended.

The Compass Box today has produced a huge range of premium blended whisky ranging from entry level ones to luxurious releases like the recent Compass Box Ultramarine.

Today, we will be covering one of Compass Box's entry level whisky that has received extremely high praise and is one of the first releases from the company— Hedonism. 

Hedonism Taste Profile

Tasting notes from the chaps at Master of Malt

An overall smooth and creamy offering befitting of its name, the Hedonism will make you fall in love with grain with its indulgent and creamy notes.

Nose: From the first delectable introduction, Hedonism is all ripe fruit, fraises des bois and sponge cake. Some red pepper provides an interesting point to mull.

Taste: Very sensual, disarmingly sleek and creamy. Black cherry and sweet spices, some cereal notes.

Finish: Very warm and spiced, toasty, some oak and milk chocolate.

Price at S$143.00


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