The Loch Lomond Whisky

The Loch Lomond Distillery

Explore the Loch Lomond series and what makes the distillery unique!

The Distillery

The Loch Lomond distillery is relatively young compared to the bigger players, having started production in 1965. The distillery exchanged hands several times over the past decades and was most recently acquired in a secondary LBO by CEO Colin Matthews.

Loch Lomond produces Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Alexandria, Scotland, near Loch Lomond the freshwater Scottish Loch where the distillery derived its name from.

Loch Lomond uses unique pot malt stills in that the stills include special distillation trays in the necks allowing for greater contact with the cooling alcohol vapor, making the process more efficient. Their unique stills allow Loch Lomond to produce alcohol up to 90% ABV as compared to 70% ABV of normal stills. This type of still allows for different flavors to be captured and emphasize through the range of alcohol strengths that can be captured and rejected.

Master Blender

The brains behind Loch Lomond's recent success with its whisky is master blender Michael Henry.

Growing up next to two distilleries, Michael developed a passion for distilling and brewing at an early age which is why he went on to study this at Heriot-Watt university.

As quoted from Loch Lomond on Michael Henry: "Michael has created a selection of single malt, single grain and deluxe blended whiskies which collectively deliver a unique character and flavor to our range of highland scotch whiskies."

Core Range

The Loch Lomond Distillery produces both Single Malt and Single Grain Whisky, with their main range of whisky being the Loch Lomond Single Malt. The Loch Lomond core range includes a sizeable number of whiskies:

  • Loch Lomond Original
  • Loch Lomond Single Malt 12 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Inchmoan Single Malt 12 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Single Malt 12 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Single Malt 14 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Single Malt 18 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Single Malt 21 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Single Malt 30 Years Old
  • Loch Lomond Single Grain Scotch Whisky
  • Loch Lomond Single Grain Peated Scotch Whisky

That is quite an impressive number of bottles making up the core range of Loch Lomond, even including two Single Grain whiskies. The 21 and 30 Year Old was launched 2020 completing the new core range of Loch Lomond.

With such a robust core range with additional limited-edition releases, it can get a little difficult to choose which ones you should try. 

Here are our top recommendations:

Loch Lomond 12 Year Old

The quintessential 12 year old single malt of the series, perfectly representing the signature Loch Lomond style. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: Creamy vanilla, with a touch of freshly baked apple turnover.

Taste: Brown sugar and five-spice. Orchard fruit notes continue, with a hint of yellow plum too.

Finish: Quite drying, though still sweet with vanilla.

Price at 3mk: S$175.00

Loch Lomond Inchmurrin 18

The Inchmurrin series is named after an island rich in meadow and woodland,  reflected in the strong oak character in the whisky.

Nose: Rich, deep aromas of heather honey perfectly balanced with crafted oak wood notes.

Taste: Full bodied with strong oak character in harmony with tropical fruit of pineapple, mango and kiwi. Zesty citrus notes emerge in the background.

Finish: Long and warming, elegant oak and stem ginger.

Price at 3mk: S$190.00

Loch Lomond 21 Year Old

This expression was made using Loch Lomond's straight-neck pot stills, and was matured in American oak casks before being bottled up at 46% ABV.

Nose: Cedar, cinnamon, toffee apples and honeyed cereal.

Taste: Earthy pear skin, white grape, a touch of tobacco, cinnamon again, now with some ginger thrown in too.

Finish: Cask char, grilled peaches, waxy peels and milk chocolate.

Price at 3mk: S$550.00


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