Brand Introduction: Port Askaig

BRand Introduction: Port Askaig

The Gateway of Islay

Port Askaig is a small village located on the northeast coast of Scotland's Islay region . Historically, the location of Port Askaig has made it the main harbor of Islay as it is the easiest way of accessing the island, hence the title of 'The Gateway of Islay'.

The Port Askaig range of whiskies is a series of Islay sourced, single malt whiskies bottled by Elixer Distillers.

Port Askaig features a range of Islay single malt whiskies that embodies the spirit of Islay– featuring robust smokiness and soft fruitiness.

Lovers of smoky whiskies be warned, the single malts in Port Askaig's range will definitely leave you wanting more!

Port Askaig today

Port Askaig distillery today has a humble range of various expressions.

Although the variety offered by Port Askaig is not as robust as its other Islay counterparts, Port Askaig nails down a consistent and high quality bottle of Islay whisky with every release.

The Port Askaig series believes in changing with the times whilst also respecting and sticking with traditions in certain aspects. They believe that sticking with traditional cask selection and whisky-making together with modern packaging design will allow them to stand shoulder to shoulder with Islay's more established brands for years to come!

Port Askaig 8 YO

Tasting Notes

This 8 YO release is the entry level release from Port Askaig distillery which they dub as the perfect introduction to the Isle of Islay.

Nose: Charcoal, salted crisps and notes of lemon

Palate: Soft salted caramel brings a sweetness to the palate, with waves of coastal peat smoke crashing underneath.

Finish: Medium finish, with a hot kick of peppercorn.

Price on S$120



Tasting Notes

This is a Single Vintage 2011 release of the Port Askaig 10 Years Old.

Nose: Fine, elegant  with an immediate scent of acrid smoke and candied lemons. Slowly transforms into floral, lilac-like notes

Palate: Fresh and delicious with the signature Islay peat laced with green liquorice and candied ginger. Peat evolves into a chocolatey flavor with an oily mouthfeel followed by notes reminiscent of cinnamon rice cake and lemon meringue pie.

Finish: A long and balanced finish featuring a peppery and medicinal taste that lingers

Price on S$165



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