Beauty of blended whiskies

Beauty of blended whiskies

Join us as we dive into the intriguing world of blended whiskies

What is a blended whisky?

For the people who have little knowledge of whiskies, not to worry as we have previously covered an introduction to the world of whiskies in a blog that you can read to understand everything you need to know about whiskies!

The blog today will focus more specifically on blended whiskies; which is in essence a mixture of various single malt/grain whiskies across different distilleries.

Many whisky enthusiasts are quick to dismiss blended whiskies as inferior to single malt whiskies but that is simply untrue. Just as how each single malt has its own unique personality, so does each blended whisky.

In the past, blended whiskies used to be regarded as a cheap substitute for single malt, but today that perception has changed and blended whiskies are becoming more popular internationally.

How are blended whiskies made

All single malt whiskies have their own unique characteristics and taste profile. A master blender works with these unique characteristics to create a style that is a greater than the sum of its parts, thus forming a blended whisky.!

Whiskies that are blended with exclusively single malt whiskies are known as blended malt whiskies (think Monkey Shoulder & Johnnie Walker) whilst whiskies that are made only from single grain whiskies are known as blended grain whiskies (compass box: hedonism). Whiskies that are made with a combination of both single malts and single grains are known as blended scotch whiskies (Dewar's , Ballantine's)

What makes a great blended whisky

As you should now know, blended whiskies are made of  several different whiskies from different distilleries that all have their own unique characteristics. These whiskies are combined in varying portions to make the final product- a perfect bottle of blended whisky. So, what should a perfect bottle of blended whisky feel like? 

According to experts, the key to a successful and delicious blend is balance. What this means is that the blend should feel like a harmony of the different whiskies used- almost like a perfect orchestra with a myriad of different instruments. In an excellent blend, you will find that the aromas from the individual components complement each other making the blend feel unified. Additionally, the blend should be smooth and easy to drink- one of the defining qualities of blended whisky.

Blended whiskies have limitless opportunities and there are tons of new and interesting flavor combinations already in the market. In the next section, we are going to recommend some of our favorite blended whiskies that you absolutely should not miss!

3mk Blended Whisky Recommendations

Here are some of our favorite blends that you should try now!

Naked Malt

The rebrand of the amazing Naked Grouse whisky, this version took what was already amazing and made it even richer and fruitier!

Ballantine's 21

A classic blended scotch that is renowned for smoothness and this 21 year old expression is an impeccable example of that statement.

Chivas Regal 18

One of the two biggest name in blended scotch whisky, the Chivas Regal style is known for its sweetness, spice and light smoke.

Compass box: Hedonism

The hedonism is probably the most well known blended grain whisky, and for good reason.. This delightful bottle has a really smooth and creamy offering that will leave you wanting more.

Johnnie Walker XR 21

The other big name in the world of blended whisky, Johnnie Walker leans towards a smokier, more Islay influenced style.  The XR is the oldest bottle of JW available and the taste is as fancy and luscious as the bottle!

Monkey Shoulder 

A superb blended malt whisky made from three famous Speyside distilleries resulting in a a smooth, creamy, supple and very malty scotch which is excellent neat, over ice or in cocktails!

How to enjoy blended whisky


Sip it neat

This method is for whisky drinkers that wish to taste the complex flavor profile of their whisky in its entirety.


On the Rocks

This is an alternative for those that enjoy sipping their whisky cold and with less of the alcohol's bite. Pop a couple of ice cubes or a ball of ice (if you're fancy) and you're good to go!


In a whisky cocktail

Blended whiskies are AMAZING in cocktails such as the whisky old fashioned, scotch sour & rusty nail.

End note

There are a ton of amazing blended whiskies to explore and there shouldn't be a reason for you to shun this style even as a whisky enthusiast! Do stay tuned as we bring more interesting recommendations with our weekly blogs!


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