April Whisky Spotlight

April whisky spotlight:

Tomatin legacy

The 99 Pointer

In the latest International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2022,  Tomatin & Deanston scope the big prize. Tomatin 1973 & Tomatin Legacy grabbed 99 points outstanding award along with Deanston virgin oak.

And, to be honest, we are very proud to be one of the wholesalers for Tomatin & Deanston....

Ok, self-promotion aside.

Due to the outstanding achievement that Tomatin Legacy has achieved in IWSC 2022, it has to be in our April Whisky Spotlight!

More about Tomatin Legacy

Aged in Bourbon and Virgin Oak Casks, 43% ABV for an entry level whisky and retail price @ 99SGD.

The Nose:

Fruity, vanilla, slight roasted pineapple

The Palate:

Sweet barley, warming oak, the oak characteristics is obvious and some pepper

The Finish:

Sweet and pepper, body would give a 2/5

Colouring: Yes

An entry level whisky, good as a sipper.


Tomatin Legacy

$99 SGD

Tomatin distillery's new no-age-statement release uses virgin oak as well as bourbon casks. It provides a new entry level to the Tomatin range but the use of different casks make this a unique expression.


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