A new entry into the Campbeltown family?


A new distillery is about to enter Campbeltown! This article covers what's special about the up and coming distillery!

Bill Dobbie (on the left) and Alasdair Day


The Machrihanish Distillery will be run by the brilliant minds behind the Isle of Raasay Distillery- R&B Distillers which was founded by Bill Dobbie and Alasdair Day.

The Machrihanish Distillery will be Campbeltown's first farm-to-bottle distillery in more than 180 years! (farm distilleries use the produce on their own farms or from local farms to create their spirits)

Number 4

A welcome addition to the  Campbeltown region

Gone were the days where Campbeltown was home to 30 distilleries. Today, only three distilleries remain: Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle.

With the return of a farm-to-bottle distillery, Machrihanish might be what Campbeltown needs to build its way back to its glory days!

Building itself on Dhurrie Farm in Machrihanish, the distillery will include a visitor centre and whisky club (perfect for tourism!)

Planning is expected to be finalised during 2022 and aim to break ground in 2023! The planned initial production output will be 400,000 LPA (Litres of Pure Alcohol) per year. 

Aerial view of Machrihanish Distillery (Architect's impression)

End note

We're really excited about the prospects of a new distillery, especially one that is in a less populated region! We've even heard news that they are planning to employ a sustainable net-zero distilling process which is a really responsible move.

All in all, we can't wait to get our hands on exclusive releases from the Machrihanish distillery and stay tuned if you are excited too as we will share more news about this and all other whisky-related content!

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