3mk's snack collection!

3mk's snack collection!

We’ve introduced snacks to our list of offerings! Some of them may even be ones that you already know and love. Our purpose for including snacks to our collection is so that when you are feeling peckish, you will have something to munch on whilst sipping your favorite liquors!

Liquor + Snacks

Does it work?

You might be wondering, can spirits that are so high in ABV and distinct in taste be paired with food?

The answer is- of course! Food pairings when done right can enhance the character of the spirits and vice versa. Additionally, pairing your spirits with food will also help to fortify your stomach against the high alcohol content.

At 3mk, we aim to bring you the best drinking experience and with that goal, we added some snacks to our collections that pairs best with liquors. We've spent countless hours trying many different combinations (how selfless!) and will divulge our findings on the best snack pairings for different liquors!

OUR snacks

White Rabbit Candy,
$12 per giftbox

This is an iconic candy from most Singaporean's younger days. Sweet, creamy milk candy- what's there not to like! Packaged in a novel enlarged candy.


ASsorted Dried Fruits, $20 (2 packs)

Freeze dried fruits are rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason! These fruits packs all the flavors and goodness and can be kept for long periods.


Fujiya Milky Candy,
$10 (for 3 boxes)

Another iconic brand  that many will remember, this candy pairs well with a surprising number of spirits given its milky sweet taste profile.


Rolian chocolates, $10/box

What snack collection is complete with chocolates? The Rolian chocolate collection comes with varying levels of cocoa (100%, 58% & 35%) for people that prefer a sweeter or bitter chocolate.


Peanut Nougats, $12 per pack

Nougats pair really well with spirits too! The vanilla and nutty taste makes it a versatile snack that can be paired with many different types of spirits and still give the spirit added layers of flavors.


Ideal liquor pairings

Here are the best spirit + snack pairings that we have tried and tested! Do let us know if you tried it for yourself and which ones you enjoy the best.

The Botanist Gin + Dried Fruits

Our dried fruit snacks is best paired with a citrusy gin like the Botanist gin! The snack enhances the already citrusy flavors of the gin! You can even drop the dried fruits into your glass of gin and enjoy it by the end of your drink.

Springbank 10 + Peanut Nougat

A mildly smoky whisky like the Springbank 10 is enhanced by the sweet and nutty nougat that adds a layer of flavor to an already complex taste profile. The Springbank 10 in itself is already an excellent sipper, pairing it with this peanut nougat will just take the experience further; do watch yourself though, you don't want to find yourself finishing the bottle without realizing!

Highland Park 18 + Rolian 100% Cocoa Chocolates

A creamy and sweet whisky like the Highland Park pairs extremely well with the 100% cocoa chocolates from Rolian! The result is a perfect counterbalance between the sweetness of the whisky and the bitterness of the cocoa. A timeless pairing of bitter and sweet that won't go wrong!

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky + Fujiya Milky Candy

What started almost as a joke turned into a rather pleasant surprise! The ideas that started this combination came from the train of thought that 'coffee usually pairs well with milk' and 'both are products from Japan' and when we tried it together, the combination was simply amazing! With the aftertaste of the coffee still lingering in your mouth, pop a milky candy in and experience how the creamy sweetness tangles with the bitterness of the coffee! Simply amazing.

Naked Malt + White Rabbit Candy

Now this is a combination fit for the sweet toothed! Unlike the pairing of bitter and sweet, this combination piles on the sweetness of the whisky with more sweetness; and it works! The creaminess and sweetness of the Naked malt is further amplified by the milky cream and sweetness from the white rabbit candy. This is a daily sipper for those that enjoy sweets!

End Note

There are loads of ways you can pair your spirits and we have just barely scratched the surface with this blog. We will continue to source for more interesting snacks and pairings and introduce them to you in future blogs! If you have discovered any delicious pairings, do share them with us on our social media (3mk.liquor on Instagram) and we'd love to feature it in future blogs!

If you have interest in chatting about anything whisky, we have started a community on telegram that has nothing to do with 3mk but its purely for whisky lovers in Singapore! We looking forward to you joining us regardless whether you are a veteran in the whisky world or a beginner looking to learn more about the amazing world of whiskies!

Link to our telegram channel: https://t.me/whiskycommunitySG

-3mk team


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