Whisky Distilleries to look out for in 2023

2023 Upcoming Whisky Distilleries

The number of distilleries opening is ever changing, we have scoured the web and found five of the world's most interesting and unique whisky distilleries that you should definitely visit in 2023.

Top 5 Distilleries to look out for in 2023!

New whisky releases are always exciting, even more so when it comes from a new region or use unique methods or ingredients to create never-before-seen flavors.

After some digging, here are some of the most interesting whisky distilleries to look forward to in 2023!


The first distillery on our list is the Ardgowan Distillery, a distillery where the lowlands meet the sea. Lowland whiskies these days are already few and far between, at Ardgowan, their vision is to produce a flagship seven year old lowland single malt with a maritime influence— a whisky like no other.

The brand new Ardgowan Distillery is a restoration of the former Ardgowan Distillery which burnt down in the Greenock Blitz in May 1941. Touted as a passion project, Austrian investor Roland Grain contributed £7.2m to fund the project, with additional investment from Distil Plc, managed by its founders, Martin McAdam and Alan Baker.

With the distillery in the works since 2016, the company expects the site to be operational by 2023. The new design from Austrian architects Spitzbart and Partners is inspired by a Nordic long hall design that includes a ‘sky platform’ with views of the Clyde and a ‘Cathedral of whisky’ visitor experience.

The distillery is set in a picturesque surrounding, a must-visit if you have plans to visit Inverkip or Glasgow!

Announced in 2021, Pernod Ricard shows their commitment to the industry in China with a whopping 150 million USD investment to start 叠川 THE CHUAN Malt Whisky Distillery.

This marks the first fully operational malt whisky distillery in China, created by Pernod Ricard with the ambition to bring new iconic products and experiences to its consumers and contribute to the sustainable growth of the economy and society.

The distillery will be situated in Sichuan, designed by award-winning Chinese architectural firm Neri & Hu. The timeless architecture exudes a sense of elegance and exquisiteness, perfectly fitting of what's inside— aside from being a whisky distillery, the site will also be home to a permanent art program by Zhan Wang, one of China's most celebrated contemporary artists.

With a combination of whiskies, art & an incredibly pretty view, its hard to miss giving this distillery a visit. The Chuan Malt Distillery's visitor center is set to open in 2023.

This is a name that might be more well known than those up on the list, the people behind Scapegrace distillery are no strangers to the world of distilling, seeing as they are the producers of the multiple award winning Scapegrace gin

With 10 years of experience & distribution to 35 countries, Scapegrace plans to further expand by investing in a $25m distillery in Central Otago which will eventually produce the entirety of Scapegrace's portfolio of premium gin and vodka, as well as its upcoming single malt whisky! 

 The new Scapegrace Distillery (believed to be New Zealand's biggest yet) has been designed by Cheshire Architects and are slated to open to the public around November 2023; this opening will be accompanied by a food and beverage experience and distillery tour offerings!

The Port of Leith Distillery designed by Threesixty Architecture is an exciting project situated at Edinburgh where its uniqueness lies in the design— a vertical distillery that rises 40 meters above the quayside! 

This innovative design is functional too; featuring a vertical distillery with grain milling and mashing at the top, down through fermentation to distillation at the bottom. Included in the building is a lab space for analysis and experimentation, a visitor centre, a bar, tasting room and flexible spaces for future exhibitions and public events.

Port of Leith Distillery is set to open early 2023, definitely one of the most exciting distilleries set to open this year, it would definitely be interesting to see their take on local single estate barley.

This is a whisky that is highly regarded in the community as the "King of the Lowlands". In recent years, Rosebank whiskies have been few and far between and when they do appear in the market, they are incredibly expensive and swept up quickly by collectors.

This legendary distillery closed down in 1993, making its limited remaining stock highly coveted by collectors and appreciators internationally. Ian Macleod Distillers acquired the distillery in 2017 and today, in 2023 the distillery is ready to breathe new life and start its comeback!

Rosebank is a sleeping giant that is ready for awakening after 25 years of silence and we are sure that the community is extremely excited to hear this news knowing it won't be long before we can get our hands on this elusive Lowland single malt!


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