Must have accessories for drinking

Must have Drinking Accessories

Simple, Versatile, Functional

To maximize your drinking experience, there are many accessories & glassware created solely for that purpose!

At Three Musketeers Liquor, we believe in the culture of lifestyle drinking— a delicious bottle of alcohol being the vehicle of wholesome social interaction. As such, on top of constantly adding the latest and most unique liquors from around the world to our collection, we also have a curated collection of drinking tools and accessories to bring your drinking sessions to the next level.

We believe in selling functional accessories at an affordable price to allow as many people to enjoy lifestyle drinking as possible.


Getting the obvious one out of the way first, you would clearly need a decent glass to hold your chosen pour of liquid gold. You would not want to be the one that pours a nice bottle of whisky into a plastic cup... That's just wrong on too many levels.

If you are drinking a nice bottle of whisky, do at least use rock glasses (like the one below). Rock glasses are versatile— they are appropriate for drinking any other spirits you wish to, making these a value addition to your home! If you are looking for an all-in-one glassware for sipping your liquor, rock glasses are the way to go! Snag affordable rock glasses in various designs from our online store by clicking >here<.

If you wish to go up a level, there are certain glassware that are made for specific purposes; some examples are nosing glasses which are shaped to let the user to best appreciate the aroma exuded by whiskies & highball glasses which allows for plenty of ice, spirit and mixers making for a long and relaxing drink!

Looking for a glass to take your whisky experience further without breaking the bank by purchasing Glencairn glasses that whisky aficionados use? Grab a nosing glass from our site with the signature Glencairn design for a fraction of the price!

For Wine Lovers

Wine lovers, here are some tools that you never knew you needed! An Electric Wine Set which sole purpose is to make your wine drinking sessions all the more convenient and enjoyable. 

Conveniently open your wine bottles with the foil cutter & electric opener then aerate with the tulip wine aerator & pourer. To save the remaining wine for another occasion, simply use the vacuum stopper! 

A fully functional and sleek looking wine set that is perfect for your own use and for gifting.

If you are looking for just a stopper to keep your wine good for a little longer, you can purchase just the vacuum stopper. There are several variations of the wine set available on our site, click on the button below to check them out!

When it comes to sipping wines, you will need a wine glass for the task. As with all of our other accessories, we strive to provide affordable products without compromising on quality. A wine glass set of 6 will only set you back $36.00— that's just $6.00 per glass!

For the aspiring bartenders

If you wish to experiment and create your own concoctions, these are a few essentials for your very own home-bar!

Every home bar needs a cocktail set packed with the necessary items for cocktails.

With the essentials equipped, the next step up is what many consider as a core component of a good cocktail. Having quality ice is usually what sets apart a good cocktail and a great one. With our silicone ice ball makers, you can have the perfectly circular and clear ice ball that you see in movies!


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