May Whisky Spotlight: Compass Box Orchard House

May Whisky Spotlight:

Compass Box Orchard House.

The blending of Scotland's fruitiest whiskies.

"Fruit-forward & Spirit-Driven"

Orchard house hosting some of Scotland's fruitiest whiskies.

Light & fruity sipper for the casual and daily drinkers. Perfect addition for the home bar.

Flavour profile

Apple and pear are the main rhythm, pineapple, pear, lemon and lychee joined the party. With hints of honey subtle peat smoke appearing shortly. Vanilla and creamy finish wrap up the whole experience. 

About Compass Box

One unique way of Compass Box presenting their whiskies are being transparent.

They reveals the malt that they have used in the blend.

Compass Box Orchard House Batch L 20-07-21


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