Herradura— Up and coming top-shelf tequila

Herradura Tequila


Herradura is produced in a tiny village known as Amatitán in Mexico. It was founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained family-owned for over 125 years!

Today, Brown-Forman owns Herradura, however the tequila is still made in the same place and facilities under a Mexican subsidiary.

All tequila under the Herradura name are 100% Agave.

Herradura today is known as a premium, top-shelf tequila rubbing shoulders with other top tequila brands like Patrón and Don Julio.

Herradura Blanco

The Herradura Blanco provides a real blanco tequila experience— the warm and peppery opening followed with rich natural sweetness and the traditional tasting notes you expect in an authentic tequila.

Nose: Olive brine, earthy, agave

Palate: Agave, oak, citrus, black pepper

Price: S$77.00

Herradura Reposado

The Herradura Reposado is the result of the Blanco being aged 11 months in oak barrels (evident in the amber hue it developed!)

Aging in oak barrels added a layer of oak and vanilla flavors to the tequila, creating an excellent sipper.

Nose: Agave, vanilla, caramel, orange and a bit of alcohol

Palate: Medium body, with agave flavor, hints of vanilla, oak and spice

Price: S$86.00

Herradura Añejo 

The Herradura Añejo is a step up, aging the Blanco for 25 months in American oak barrels. The amber hue is deeper and the flavor of the oak is further assimilated into the tequila.

The Añejo is great for those that enjoy a strong oak flavor with a but of spice.

Nose: Vanilla, oak, caramel and agave

Palate: Oak, vanilla, agave, oak, fruit and cinnamon notes

Price: S$100.00


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