Fine & Rare: Tales of the Macallan Volume 1

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What is the Fine & Rare series?

A new blog series featuring the many fine & rare liquors from around the world.

This is a new blog series that the team at Three Musketeers Liquor is starting, covering the myriad of fine & rare (and expensive!) liquors released from all parts of the world!

Join us on our journey to uncover rare liquors you may or may not have heard of and if you are a collector, you may find something you missed out on!

Our first blog covers a product from Macallan, a great start to the series covering one of the whisky world's most popular single malts. This particular bottle is the 'Tales of the Macallan Volume I'. Read on to learn more about this very exclusive limited release!

A homage to Captain John Grant

This exclusive release was created by The Macallan to pay homage to the man whose contribution shaped the legacy of what The Macallan is today.

Captain John Grant is considered as The Macallan's first true custodian, paving the way for The Macallan and cultivating the influence of nature and community spirit.

This is the first edition in a remarkable series of single malt whiskies that pay tribute to The Macallan Pioneers and their stories. 

The Bottle.

With whisky & a story this special, the exterior has to much up to it; the packaging that the Tales of The Macallan is encased in is nothing short of breathtaking. Encased in a Lalique crystal decanter, the rare whisky distilled in 1950 and bottled in 2021 is concealed within an extraordinary 800-page almanac. The book tells the story of Captain John Grant and features beautiful illustrations by renowned illustrator and artist, Andrew Davidson.

This bottle is part of a creative collaboration between several collaborators. The exquisite, handcrafted crystal decanter that encases this distinguished and rare expression was created by The Macallan's long-standing collaborator, master French crystal maker Lalique. The decanter is concealed within an extraordinary almanac book made by traditional bookmaking company Shepherds Bookbinders, featuring beautiful illustrations by British artist and illustrator, Andrew Davidson.

Andrew Davidson drew on the stories from Captain John Grant’s life and his ties to Easter Elchies Estate to create stunning wood engraved prints. A true work of art, each chapter tells the story of Captain John Grant through his illustrations, which are also etched into the crystal Lalique decanter which encapsulates the precious spirit.

The liquid encased inside the beautiful decanter does not fall short too, noted by the team at The Macallan to be one that has an exceptional character. This distinctive and rare single malt was carefully crafted by The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess. Distilled in 1950 and bottled in 2021, it was selected for its exceptional flavour and character. A sublime whisky, it is a celebration of the life and legacy of Captain John Grant.

Taste Profile

We definitely did not get to try this beautiful bottle ourselves, but these tasting notes are taken directly from The Macallan's official website.

The Tales of The Macallan is said to have wood spices, sweet wood smoke and antique oak are omnipresent and beautifully complement the delicate symphony of ripe fruits and spices.

Color:  Golden Aiguillette.

Nose: Grapefruit zest, antique oak, vanilla, melon, wood smoke, nutmeg, ripe plum and almond.

Palate: Peach and apple, wood spice with ginger and hints of clove, sweet wood smoke and Yuzu.

Finish: A medium finish with citrus and sweet oak.

ABV: 44.6%

Price at S$150,000.00


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