Dram Share Culture in Singapore (2022)

Dram Sharing in Singapore Today (2022)

Learn more about how dram sharing is like in Singapore

What is a Dram Share?

For those who may not know what dram sharing is; in short, dram sharing is the act of bottling a small portion of a liquor bottle (usually 50ml) with the purpose of sharing it with others.

A 50ml dram equates to 2 standard servings of 25ml pours.

Why do people participate in dram sharing?

Dram sharing is popular amongst connoisseurs that wish to try different bottles without having to go through the process of: buying an entire bottle, drinking some, then stowing away the rest of the bottle.

In essence, dram sharing allows one to split the cost of an otherwise expensive bottle with others.

Appreciators that have their hands on rare & exclusive finds could  also wish to share it with like-minded appreciators and exchanging notes. After all, the true joy of a dram is sharing it with others!

Dram share culture in Singapore

Dram sharing can be done with any type of liquor: rum, vodka, whiskies, etc.

In Singapore,  much of the dram sharing exchanges are of whiskies, which will be the focal point of this article.

Whisky dram sharing in Singapore is simple— get to know some veterans through platforms like whisky Telegram group chats (more on this later) and there will be dram share opportunities posted every other day.

Once you found something you are interested in, inform the dram sharer and you can opt to pick it up yourself or have it sent right to your doorstep!

How much should a share of dram cost?

The  price of a dram varies between sellers,  a standard bottle of whisky is 700ml; since the size of a standard share is 50ml, a whole bottle can be split into up to 14 sets of 50ml shares. 

Sellers usually release up to 10 shares, leaving the rest for their own consumption. Prices of a share varies as some sellers seek to make a small profit by selling the drams whilst others sell at cost. 

For example, Whisky A is being offered for a dram share by Sellers X and Y. The cost price of Whisky A is S$300. Dividing the cost price by 14 shares means that each 50ml share costs roughly S$21. Seller X, not intending to make a profit decides to sell a total of 10 shares at cost, selling each share for S$21 whilst Seller Y could seek to make a small profit by selling 10 shares as well but pricing each share at a markup price of S$25. 

Sellers marking up the price of a dram share does not mean that you should not buy them. After all, some bottles are difficult to acquire even if you have the money and that alone, makes paying a small premium worth it. 

With that said, always do your due diligence before purchasing a dram share to ensure that the markup is not ridiculously high. You can do so by checking the market price via a simple Google search or asking veterans.

Where can I find dram shares/ share my whisky?

Lastly, for the most important segment, as previously mentioned there are several small communities of whisky lovers in Singapore. There are definitely others that we do not know of, but here are two communities that we are in that you may wish to join:

1.  Whisky community SG
This is a Telegram community created by and run by us, a community where whisky lovers can share about all things whisky! Dram share opportunities will be posted here by 3MK's founder, Kris. Almost all dram shares by Kris are priced at cost, so do join the community if you don't want to miss out!

2. Whisky deals Singapore
This is another Telegram channel, sharing whisky deals and dram shares often by a myriad of whisky appreciators. 

If there are other communities that you think we should feature, do drop us a DM on our Instagram @3mk.liquor and we will add it to this article!


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