December Whisky Spotlight: Balvenie 16 French Oak

December Whisky Spotlight

The Distillery.

Balvenie is one of the world's most renowned single malt distillery. Producing whiskies with distinct distillery character, the sweet honeyed and vanilla notes of Balvenie can be recognised with just a taste of the dram.

With its rich history in producing quality whiskies, the Balvenie 16 French Oak promises to be another fascinating release from the distillery!

The charming, whitewashed distillery is just a stone's throw from Glenfiddich and both are still family-owned by the Grants.

Tasting Notes

Taken from Master of Malt

This 16 Year Old expression was initially aged in American oak casks before being transferred over to casks that held French Pineau wines which introduced  a generous honey-glazed fruit and subtle leafy hint to the single malt.

Nose: Gingerbread and sponge cake, with a splash of grapefruit freshness.

Palate: Almond pastries, honeyed apricot, geranium, buttery vanilla, and a little hint of toasted cedar.

Finish: More citrus and honey, now with a hint of honeydew melon in the mix.

Price at $395.00


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