Best alcoholic gifts for your Secret Santa Gift Exchanges (2022 guide)

 18 Secret santa gift ideas this festive season

Season for gifting

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, the favorite holiday of many is approaching— Christmas!

No Christmas celebration is complete without some sort of gift exchange. One that is trending in Singapore are 'Secret Santa' gift exchanges where a group of friends, family or coworkers draw random names to be someone's Secret Santa.

Here's how to play Secret Santa if you don't already know:

  • Set some parameters like a minimum/maximum budget for the gifts & plan a gift exchange date
  • Gather all participants and write names down together with a gift suggestion or two
  • Draw names to randomly assign a Secret Santa to each player (make sure nobody drew their own names!)
  • Exchange gifts! A big part of the fun is guessing who your Secret Santa is, so have fun at your gift exchange!

List of Gift Ideas

Looking for versatile presents for your Secret Santa has never been easier— plus points if your recipient is an alcoholic

As an added special this festive season, leave us a note & we will give you a complimentary Christmas gift card to make your gift just a little more special. 

Without further ado, here are the best gifts you can get for under 50SGD:

1. Elegant Black Hip Flask— S$15.80

This is a great gift for the alcoholic, and its under S$20! Get them a stylish looking hip flask so that they can take a swig of whisky any time of the day.

2. Electric Wine Opener Set— S$25.00

Is your recipient a wine lover? Grab this electric wine set that has everything one would need for a wine session! 

Comes with a wine bottle opener and foil cutter for opening your precious wine bottles + an aerator that acts as a pourer for pouring wine. Also comes with a vacuum stopper for those that cannot finish their wines in one sitting.

Buying a gift for a creative? This is the perfect gift for someone who loves experimenting with mixing different drinks or someone who already has a collection of drinks at home to play around with.

This set contains 12 pieces of essential tools for crafting cocktails, refer to the item list above for a full breakdown of what you will get in the set.

Do note*
To purchase any of the accessories recommended, do head to our Shopee/Lazada store! Alternatively, you may purchase from our website at and opt for self-pickup.

Secret Santa Gifts under S$100

If your gift exchange event has a higher budget, we have the perfect entry level whiskies that are highly versatile, perfect for beginners and experienced drinkers!

A highly versatile blended malt that is well suited for sipping or for mixing up cocktails, a safe choice that will can be enjoyed by whisky drinkers of all levels. This will be especially enjoyed by people with a preference of sweet, caramel-like whiskies!

If your gift recipient is a seasoned whisky drinker, they would probably have tried many of the Official Bottlings (think brands like Dalmore, Macallan, Glenfiddich, etc). In that case, an independently bottled whisky like Mr Peat will be a breathe of fresh air for them!

Independent bottlings (IBs) are renditions of whiskies from official distilleries, thus, the taste will differ from the distilleries where these independent bottlers purchased their whiskies from. These IBs are usually rather pricey, but Mr Peat just so happens to be one of the more affordable ones out there.

Mr Peat, as its name suggests is a whisky with an intense peat smoke both in the scent and on the palate. Get it for the whisky lover who enjoys a nice glass of peaty whisky!

A step up from the internationally renowned Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. This is a premium version that is contained in a contemporary, sleek bottle. Not only is the packaging an upgrade, the whiskey itself went through additional filtering through charcoal, making it more than good enough to enjoy on its own.

Have a friend who is a fan of Japanese whisky? Here's one that will not break the bank! Presenting the core whisky from the Nikka distillery: Nikka From The Barrel, a bottle that ranks among the most acclaimed whiskies from Japan. An incredibly rich blended whisky with an unbeatable price tag, what more can you ask for?

Perhaps you are looking for a present for a superior or boss that you don't know too much about, in that case, a red wine will be the ideal 'safe' gift. You definitely do not want to gift your boss a bottle of wine that they will find on their next trip to the supermarket.

Enter Piano Chiuso— a premium Italian wine that still sticks to traditional wine making methods resulting in a complex, elegant bottle of red wine with fantastic drinkability. A delicious bottle of red that is backed by awards such as the Gold Medal Berliner Wine Trophy, Silver Medal Asia Wine Trophy, 99 points Luca Maroni & more.

If you are looking for a gift for multiple people, you can get a better price by purchasing a case (6 bottles); buy 5 and get 1 bottle on us! Perfect if you have multiple people to gift presents to.

Secret Santa Gifts under S$200

For those with deeper pockets looking for something pricier to gift to a loved one, here are some bottles that we know they will enjoy:

One for the whisky cask strength lovers, the bottle comes in a silver tin with a sleek design, your recipient can proudly display the bottle on their shelf once they are finished with the bottle and will remember you for as long as this bottle sits on their shelf!

As mentioned previously about Independent Bottlings being a great gift for seasoned whisky drinkers, this bottle is by Gordon & MacPhail, one of the most popular Independent Bottlers in the whisky world.

An elegantly designed bottle with a golden sheen that exudes luxury. This graceful bottle of whisky comes in a gold colored gift box that is made to be displayed. As per usual Johnnie Walker fashion, this is a well balanced whisky with layers of intensity and overall a smooth & enjoyable dram.

The Glenmorangie 18 is part of its Prestige Range; spending 15 years maturing in American white oak bourbon casks before a portion was transferred to Oloroso sherry casks. Upon the 18 years of maturation, the whisky reunited to form a creamy and fruity single malt that is excellent as a daily sipper!

To top things off, all of that liquid excellence comes bottled in a prestigious package.

Searching for a great whisky that is not from your typical whisky spots like Scotland, Japan or Ireland. Try Kavalan, a relatively young distillery from Taiwan that has made waves in the whisky world especially in the last couple of years.

This particular bottle is the classic, the bottle that launched the Kavalan distillery to international stardom by winning distinguished Scottish competitors in blind tastings.

Secret Santa gifts for those with no budget in mind

If you are feeling really generous, or are planning to splurge a little extra for a special someone, these are some gifts that will make your money well spent!

A fruity and rich Highland Single Malt in a sleek display case, this is a bottle named after a King and the design sure looks its part! Award winning whisky in a debonair packaging, this is a perfect present for a whisky lover.

The new and improved packaging of the Royal Salute 21 Year Old, this is a whisky aged for 21 years in honor of the 21 Gun Salute that is fired during Royal celebrations. A sophisticated whisky presented in a beautiful blue wade ceramic decanter.

A high aged blended malt, made with single malts from Old Pulteney, Miltonduff, Caol Ila & Ardbeg. All the single malts used were between 17-26 years of age! An unusually aged blended malt with complex layers of flavors in a beautifully designed bottle and box.

Not much has to be said about why this is an excellent gift; this limited release of the Cutty Sark 25 Years Old is limited to only 5,000 bottles worldwide. The bottle is accompanied by the wooden display case and a Tam O'Shanter book.

A 25 Year Old whisky in a intricately designed wooden case for only S$490 is a steal!

This is for you if you are looking for an exquisite gift like no others! This is the first release of Macallan Home, a collection dedicated to The Macallan's extraordinary distillery. The art displayed on the box is a watercolor depiction of the Distillery by one of Macallan's employee, Colin Riazza.

These are 18 of our suggestions for Secret Santa gifts that are versatile and especially well suited for the alcoholic in your life! There are hundreds of other spirits and accessories in our collection; to shop more, simply click on the button below:


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