Old Pulteney 12 YO- Artist Collective #4.3

Old Pulteney 12 YO- Artist Collective #4.3

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Highland Single Malt, 43%, 70cl — Small Batch of 2 casks, Sherry Butt Recask
Limited edition of 1860 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Founded in 1826, the Old Pulteney distillery was completely rebuilt in 1958. One year later, its malting floors were closed. Alternating between short (50 hours) and long (110 hours) fermentations, it produces a rich and complex single malt. Constantly returning to its work for both flavours and aromas, this version overflows with all the ingredients that built the renown of this gem from the north of Scotland. This is to say, salinity at every moment, an oily and unctuous texture bordering on richness, a subtle combination of fruity and herbaceous sequences, and of course an innate reflex to constantly return the focus to malted barley.


VOL 700ml

ABV 43%


Rich, concentrated. The eminently salty first nose wonderfully expresses Pulteney’s “coastal” character. Allowed to breathe, candied fruits (apple, pear) and citrus fruits (lemon, orange) gradually return to the surface of the aromatic palette. Then, walnut, almond, curry and salted butter caramel highlight the wonderful influence of the sherry, notably evoking the softness and oily character of a manzanilla. Also worth noting is the presence of superb herbaceous and malted notes (moss, tobacco).

Mineral, full of energy. Carrying on perfectly from the nose, the attack focuses on aromatic plants (sage, verbena), as barley grains literally spread across the palate. The extremely harmonious mid-palate is divinely salty. Lingering, dried apple and candied pear bring lots of smoothness to a palette of flavours that becomes increasingly tangy (lemon zest, grapefruit).

Long, invigorating. The resolutely marine finish also bursts with spices (star anise, pepper, ginger, nutmeg). Gradually, subtle milky (coconut) and vanilla notes gently develop the very end of the palate towards a more malty and at the same time deliciously woody (reed, rush) register. On the retro-nasal olfaction, a gentle marine breeze takes us to the seaside. The empty glass emphasizes spices (cinnamon, saffron).


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