Ex Libris JP Wiser's 1982 The Apprenticeship Canadian whisky 40 YO Cask Strength 61.9%

Ex Libris JP Wiser's 1982 The Apprenticeship Canadian whisky 40 YO Cask Strength 61.9%

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This original blend is made from very old corn whiskies aged in barrels that previously contained a single malt from the Speyside region of Scotland, as well as a small proportion of rye whiskey matured in quarter casks that previously held peated Scottish single malt. This version of J.P. Wiser’s is presented in a more vanilla and indulgent light than the J.P. Wiser’s 1998 from the latest creation catalog. The few forays into the world of rum offered by its aromatic and gustatory palette are undeniable proof of this.

Vol: 70cl

ABV: 61.9%

Finished in Speyside Malt Casks

Nose : Rich, heady. At first nose, notes of cereals, vanilla, and wax harmoniously blend together. With aeration, the aromatic palette opens up to aromas of rice pudding and candied citrus (lemon, kumquat). Increasingly floral (gorse, mimosa), it also develops noble woody scents (oak, wood varnish).

Palate : Lively, dynamic. Slightly oxidative (roasted pineapple, warm honey, cough candy), the mouthfeel ventures into distant liquorice lands (sugar cane, agave milk). More floral (jonquil, daisy, dandelion), the mid-palate wanders through natural countryside paths. The finish is toned by flavors of grapefruit and gentian root.

Finish : Long, suave. Deliciously vanilla-flavored (custard, éclair), the start of the finish reveals the presence of numerous aromatic plants (verbena, sage, sorrel, bay leaf). Then, gingerbread and fresh nuts fuel an even more indulgent aftertaste. Particularly fruity, the retro-olfaction evokes the fruits of an orchard (peach, apple, pear, plum). The empty glass is balsamic (cedar, arborvitae) and powdery (rice).



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