Moutai year of dog 375ml Baijiu 3mk

贵州茅台狗年典藏Moutai year of dog 375ml

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In 2018 the Year of Dog, the famous Chinese painter, Mr. Ji Lianbin, created the drawing for the Year of Dog. The yellow dog in the picture looks gentle and ready to go, which represents loyalty, kindness, good blessing and peace.

The gray bottle has symbol of sincerity, calmness and exquisiteness. The dog represents loyalty, trustworthy, meek and calm. This is also the concept of the Moutai Zodiac Dog to express and deliver. It brings all Moutai’s fans and friends the most reliable companionship and good fortune. This SKU is perfect for self-consumption and gifting purposes.

VOL 375ml
ABV 53%


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